Medexo GmbH

For several years, Tschütscher Networks&Expertise AG has been involved as a shareholder in Medexo GmbH, a young company in the e-health sector based in Berlin. Medexo has set itself the goal of sustainably improving patient care through digitalization. The origin of Medexo lies in the truth that, in principle, far too many surgeries are performed and that numerous surgeries- especially in the orthopedic field – are unnecessary and therefore cost drivers for the health care system. This is where Medexo comes in with telemedical second opinions and helps to save costs and at the same time, above all, to help patients avoid unnecessary surgeries. Medexo operates in the B2B market, which means that its contacts are public and private health insurers, medical service providers and also companies are seaking these services in their function as employers, both in Germany and internationally.

The focus on independent telemedical second opinions (with a network of 80 highly qualified top physicians and specialists) is one pillar, the merging of medical expertise and digital processes on the topic of ‘second opinion’ is the second pillar. In other words, Medexo offers its customers relevant software products and service as process support (Software as a Service, SaaS).

KERNenergie GmbH

KERNenergie ( stands for freshly roasted nuts and nut mixtures with inspiring sensory quality and with an equally appealing and high-quality brand. The company based in Grosswallstadt is settled in the Premium Food sector. It was founded in 2010 by the Hamburg-based entrepreneur Denis Burghardt (CEO) and covers the entire value chain from the purchase of raw nuts and roasting with a special recipe to packaging and distribution. With the Kernschmelze brand (, the existing range has recently been supplemented by products in the chocolate sector.

KERNenergie is a leading partner of the European luxury hotel industry, among others also supplying very many Swiss Deluxe hotels. Recently, the online sector has been the strongest growing sector, but also corporate business with corresponding “customized” products and the fine food lounge ( are growing strongly.