Company portrait

Tschütscher Networks & Expertise AG provides and brokers consulting services for companies and organizations in the private sector as well as for politics and public institutions.

Owners of the company are former Prime Minister, Fürstlicher Rat Dr. Klaus Tschütscher, LL.M., and Mag. Arzu Tschütscher-Alanyurt, LL.M., who bring a wide range of expertise and a wealth of experience to their mandates. He, the well-connected lawyer with a specialization in international business law and she, the finance and risk management expert, a business economist with a postgraduate law degree, jointly manage the company and provide comprehensive services in the areas of networking and international relations, coaching and representation of interests as well as management consulting and interim management.

Directorships and Management mandates, as well as Internal Audit mandates are regularly assumed.

In addition to his consulting activities, Klaus Tschütscher serves on several boards of directors, including Swiss Life Insurance Group, Zurich, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz AG and Büchel Holding AG. He specializes in strategic management, international business and tax law, financial services, research and education, hospitality and medical health as well as politics and government.

Arzu Tschütscher advises companies mainly in the DACHFL region. She also volunteers on the board of the association IFZ – Institut für Finanzdienstleistungen Zug der Hochschule Luzern. She specializes in the financial services industry, in particular the management of life insurance companies and banks, and is experienced in the areas of digitalization and telecommunications. Her focus is on financial, risk, sustainability and project management, in particular the establishment of financial services companies up to the acquisition of a license.