Lassalle-House Bad Schönbrunn

Lassalle-House Bad Schönbrunn is the largest institutions of the Jesuit Order in Switzerland and as such one of the leading Christian educational centers in Switzerland. The house focuses on spirituality, dialogue and responsibility and offers comprehensive courses, events and dialogues. In addition to the classical contemplative exercises, Lassalle Haus stands above all for the conversation between cultures and religions and takes up questions of perspectives and responsibility in economy, society and engagement in the world.

Lassalle-House is a non-profit institution in the legal form of an association. The supporting association was founded in 1930. In 1993 the house in Bad Schönbrunn was associated with an additional name giver, the Jesuit priest and Zen teacher Hugo Enomiya Lassalle SJ. Spiritual deepening and openness to dialogue were naturally combined in the life of SJ Lassalle with his social commitment. This understanding characterizes the Lassalle House until today.